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Free Initial Consultation

IndusMinds offers free initial half an hour consultation to all clients. Please send us an email through Contact Us. To expedite the process:

  • Fill in your profile details. Goto Account tab to fill in the profile details.
  • Attach your resume.
  • Specify some time windows when we can contact you. E.g. 15th July (8AM-10 AM IST), 18th July (6PM-9PM IST)
  • Make sure to mention your contact number where we can call you.
  • Send us an E-Mail

This initial consultation is free of charge and it is meant to assist you in deciding if IndusMinds is right for you.

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IndusMinds has been active on various forums where we have been helping prospective MBA students. Check out these forums:

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When I started the process, I was confused. The team at IndusMinds helped me realize what I was worth of and enabled me to gain admission into a good school with fellowship award as well.